The world’s first feathered chimpanzee!

A couple weeks ago my daughter Zade and I did a Google search and found zero results for “feathered chimpanzee.”

So, being kick-ass mad-scientist genetic engineers, we set to work in our basement DIY-Bio facility here at Goertzel Labs, and created the world’s first Feathered Chimpanzee.

Above you see a photo we took of our beautiful mutant creation, when she was a few weeks old.

Unfortunately shortly after we created her, she flew out the window and we haven’t seen her since.  If you find her please do send me an email, ben at goertzel dot org.

I’m eager to submit the news of our creation to Nature, but without evidence of our success, I guess they wouldn’t publish the paper.  And when we tried to repeat the feat, we just got weird stuff like parrots with chimp heads — not so interesting.  Oh well.  We’ve since gotten distracted with some time travel research, but maybe we’ll get back to the genetic engineering stuff eventually.

Out of embarrassment I guess, Zade has recently begun pretending the photo we took is a fake.  But believe me, it’s real.  Trust me, I’m a Dr.

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