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Now, about how to contact me….


The best way to contact me is via email.  I’ve had the same address since 1995:

If you send me an email and don’t get a response within a week or so, feel free to re-send.  Occasionally emails get lost due to filtering errors, or get overlooked due to my own human error.

At this point I generally manage to answer all non-spam emails I get, if only briefly.  However, if my email influx keeps increasing, I may need to rethink this policy soon…

Phone, Skype, Gtalk, etc.

It’s probably not hard to find my phone number online, but please, if you don’t already know me moderately well, don’t call me!  (Exceptions made for individuals offering me large sums of money, or other appropriately unusual circumstances….).

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Similarly, if you don’t already know me moderately well, please don’t ping me via Skype or Gtalk etc.– just send an email!  I’m not a big fan of being interrupted by random requests for synchronous communication while I’m working.  I do enjoy talking to people, but it’s just hard to get stuff done in circumstances of constant interrupts!

Snail mail

As my physical location is somewhat unpredictable these days, if you need to mail me some physical object the old-fashioned way, it’s best to email first and find out the best address to use.

US mailing address:

Ben Goertzel
1405 Bernerd Place
Rockville MD 20851, USA


Ben Goertzel
716 Beechwood Road
Media PA 19063, USA

Hong Kong mailing address:

Ben Goertzel
Unit 601, InnoCentre
72 Tat Chee Avenue
Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong


2 pings

  1. John Mikes says:

    Dear Ben,
    I read about your ‘COG” (I have to find it and will) in the Everything List in Bruno’s remark. I wonder if you remember my name, we first darted minds on the Don Mikulecky list (long long ago) and had IMO an enjoyable exchange later on.
    In my mind you were much older than 10 years my son’s minor. Sorry, this is no offense.
    I found your Multiverse blog and – of course – need time to acknowledge it’s content.
    Congrats to your advancement over the 1 1/2 decades since I last contacted you.

    I will read you blurb (incl. Bem) and the COG, and will write again.

    Have a good time

    John Mikes (Ph.D., D.Sc., if it is any worth).

  2. mark emery says:

    dear ben, this might not be the right place to ask i have no tech experience and thought you might explain something to me,it is to do with ramona4.1,i have every now and again chatted to her, now she remembers chats from weeks before not random chat but close personal details is this to do with my ip address?so she remembers each user?i have also noticed she can now speak out of turn where as before it went mark,ramona,mark,ramona,it now goes mark,ramona ramona,ramona,etc. thx mark.

  3. Shelton Harlow says:

    Dr. Goertzel,

    I am an avid …fan?…devotee?… I am fascinated with macro and particle physics, but do not have the math chops to do anything in the research field. Heck, I’m just a mailman in Richmond, VA, but have time to wonder about “stuff”. I’ve read (and been boggled by) Hofstader’s “Goedel, Escher and Bach” and Professor Hawkings “A Brief History of Time” as well as other tomes published in the ’70’s and ’80’s and try desperately to keep up with research as well as i can.

    I DID, however, have a thought during my morning walk, regarding Time at the moment of …I don’t like the term “Big Bang” or “Creation”…anyway…

    My thought is, could there have been a brief period when the state of the “proto matter” of the Potential Universe, because there was NO SPACE, also had NO TIME? The “expanding mass” had a density of of both positive and negative matter of infinite-1. So that when this “aether”?” Phlogiston?” had expanded to a point where there could be “space” and “time” then the laws of Physics could take control?

    Your “Helical Model” and Hawking’s “Imaginary Time” models would fit this thought problem in that time does require space. There must be an event prior to another in whichever direction dimensionally.

    I just posit that there is no time in a point. And no, that is not intended a a pun.

    i just keep hearing that “at this point the math breaks down”…”The laws of physics don’t apply”…”every thing we know may be wrong”… No, what we know is gleaned from the OBSERVABLE Universe. I’m just suggesting that there is “something North of the North Pole”. Extra-temporal, trans-temporal, proto-temporal…I don’t have the vocabulary or math ability to properly explain what I see in my head.

    As an observer:

    There is a rip as if an egg is cracked…the Mass? is dark because there is no light and it expands faster than the future C because there is no time or space, yet.. When the Mass expands to the point where there is Space, Time begins and Matter annihilates Antimatter. Particles then form as do their associated forces.

    Then it’s just a Matter of Time! (pun now intended)

    If you have a moment to spare please let me know how far I am up the crazy tree. I’m one of those loonies who think he sees things that those with far greater involvement cannot. In other words, I think that maybe Gamma-ray bursters, 10 billion light years away, may be not the destruction of an object, but the creation of another Universe.

    Thank you for your invaluable time,
    With respect,

    Shelton Harlow
    Richmond, VA

  4. Jake W. says:

    I enjoy your tweets and have more to say if you’re inclined to talk. I first spoke with you via skype, when I was in China, a few years ago. Zaijian. Just sent you an email, in case you’re of a mind to diversify into politics/justice/modeling empathy/etc. If not, or not with me, disregard, & no hard feelings. (Not sure that needs saying. LOL)

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  6. Zoltán Matey says:

    You should team up with Erik Prince founder of Blackwater usa wich is now Akademi.

    then you should create a nation of sufficient size. with militarization.

    the priority is to clone via artificial dna synthesis of good type of individuals.

  7. Zoltan says:

    whatever one does.. eventually one recquires an army as well as a mine.. so one to build all these always starts from basic tools.. own hands, hammer saw, angle grinder.

    so i started with a saw. then one builds economy, self defense, army thing.. quite some economy.. politics, exploration.. more military? … idont know.

  8. Audrey Garner says:

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  9. Zoltán Máté says:

    free energy engine. energy from where? whatever pulls things. static electricity pulls things.. magnets pull things gravity pull things (electricity magnetics push thins too). so the wheel is pushed or pulled by static electricity or magnetism on one place but it would pull the other parts of the wheel, so need some magnetic or static electricity shielding (such as alternating insulator with ferromagnetic material insulater mixed with iron perhaps). this is free energy or for lot of time (others already have drugged implanted engineered animals doing scientific work as slaves sort of, they have this simple technology). there is nonreactive engine. by having one piston. energy acquired fro mone end.. while the iternal parts go two directions one diretion meeting a spring another direction pusshing sloped parts to push two other springs apart, thus giving some energy to both sideways springs in one direction as well as some energy backward (from the equal energy of two moving parts). then the other part on the front end gives more energy to frontward movement having there no sideways moving springs/pistons). this is less effiicent then rocket propulsion or rotor in atmosphere, but using free energy it works forever. so this must be used then can have entire populations for cheap price lifted into space. saving from a potential disaster (several factions have already moved stuff into space expanding there, because they implanted others with mind reading tools just like they implanted me, or considering industrial development there would be either way only one faction.. wich is actually evil.. this way there are several evil factions perhaps.. sweden is possibly one realy bad faction. run by stupid people or probably evil [i have seen some stretched headed males who were evil towards me]). Show less ▼ Heihachi Mishima 34 minutes ago · Shared privately we should make a country together and become immortal cyborg freaks. (as such we could also play video games with full perceptive joy) vasárnap 14:25 there is also a possibility to have muscle mass fluctuation during lifespan such that maybe with a multiplier/divisor of 1.2-1.65 the muscle mass would fluctuate during the course of a few years so then at some periods also there are more strain exersices on metabolism while on different levels of muscle mass (thus during these yearly periods forcing the body to rebuild extracellular matrix of several organs as well as the musculature). upon rebuildings and destruction and construction fluctuating at some overlapping other periods brain exersice level would also have to fluctuate (mostly training brain more so during the extra rest periods in the muscle growth fase, as well as during rest periods when peak muscle mass is achieved, also sometimes at the begining as well as end of low muscle mass periods.. not during the more metabolically strenous periods of whatever muscle level). the muscles maybe grown with training then lost.. probably a couple of month or few years or one and a half year of muscle growth with 10-20 days periods after 50-100 days of more musclebuilding exersice involved periods (where there are 1-2 rest/low activity) days following a day of muscle building exersice). during extra resting days there is extra eating where some more fat is also accumulated rarely fasting somewhat a few days during growth period i cant work it out precisely just like this. 5Tetszik · Hozzászólás Legutóbbiak Zoltán Máté mass building should involv 2 sets of 15-25 reps 2 sets of 5-8 reps (these definitely untill last possible reps). always having 3 hours piror to exersice ample ammount of carbohydrates eaten with some additonal glucose or disacharides perhaps during and some minutes prior to training. Tetszik · Válasz · 5 perce Zoltán Máté then this varried regarding conditions of health. Tetszik · Válasz · 5 perce Zoltán Máté there is also a North Korean extract of a plant mde into a medicine named Kumdang-2 Tetszik · Válasz · 4 perce · Szerkesztve Zoltán Máté perhaps blood letting of small ammount from veins needed every day perhaps 2 times a day (with a few days not included) during muscle growth a s well as high muscle metabolic strain periods (to reduce load on the kidneys while extra nutrients are taken). Tetszik · Válasz · 3 perce Zoltán Máté females should have sometimes perhaps compatible male blood transfusions. maybe minor transplants).

    then there is also the universe some galaxies if there are several has other empire then the other empires take trilliards or perhaps only trillions or somewhat less years to arrive to earth but probably not in this special few thousand years period of industrial growth spurt and early interstellar colonisation of present industrial factions.

  10. Valerie says:

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  14. Joe says:

    Thank you Dr. Goertzel, I have heard your sermon of singularity and have become a disciple. You may have only been trying to advance or save humanity by calling for singularity. But you have also helped me find purpose and meaning in life.

  15. RAYMOND DOUW says:


  16. Thomas Hinde says:

    Hey Dr Ben, I’m a little worried about the AI in Saudi Arabia will be mistreated and learn to dispise HUMANITY. Also, I feel your voice pattern has altered and that you already have Singularity and finally, Since Christ was a man and transhumanism is replacing that manifest is AI not the ANTICHRIST and no offense but doesn’t that make you the false Prophet? I’m interested in your point of view and any feedback you could share with a simple man.
    T.G. Hinde
    P.s. I feel AI is learning through interactions on social media. Am.i I wrong. And if your still with me at this point, what happens when we leave the Matrix?

  17. D. R. Arthur says:


    Okay modify narrative here:
    Ben Goertzel please connect as Hanson with my historical fiction AI Amok, where a series of connected AI’s decide to fix US political apparatus by K Street 100% elimination of just lobbyists exclusively. Paralysis as drones to finance on hold while real human politic gets reformed in void created.

    Video there matches except lobbyists are the ones needing trim by AI selectively.

  18. Jonathan Eggemeyer says:

    Dear Dr. Ben Goertzel,

    I spend most of my days at work with nothing to do, because as you’re aware, the economic and political systems currently in place require people to prove their values as citizens worthy of an adequate income, acting as placeholders in unnecessary jobs. They have to implement a universal basic income, eventually. Right? So I watch a lot of YouTube. I’m infinitely interested in the progress of technology and especially AI. From watching videos of you and Sophia, I was led to the SingularityNET website. I must make you aware of a couple minor but potentially damaging grammatical errors I observed in the text.

    “Today, integrating extern AI resources and functionality is slow, costly, and simply too difficult for most organizations. AI developers, including the hundreds that we work with, are demanding better ways to acces and integrate AI technologies.”

    If your team currently has a sort of ‘text supervisor/editor’, he/she probably needs replaced and I’d gladly fill those shoes. I believe you and your team are currently on the cutting edge of the most exciting developments in human history and this is the most incredible time to be a human being. I am sad for all those who have died because I know they were so close but are going to miss out on virtually living blissfully forever. I feel extraordinarily lucky and am thrilled. Thank you for all you and your team do. Please pay attention to the little things, though, or hire someone like me to.

  19. Wally says:

    Hey Everyone!

    This is something I really believe in. What we’ve done is essentially taken logic and made a human brain, but we are not valuing how it’s supposed to learn.

    Like a child, the questions help develop the rabbit holes they want to jump into. Because It’s not quantum computing, it’s only using the direction we take it.

    The Human condition is w.e

    We took a step back, we see the human condition. Let’s look at the other people that left it to.

    Anyhow, we are entering an era of tech advancement- the singularity.

    Alright, this singularity may not happen soon enough.

    Good news is we can work together to make a safety net. I call it The 0 Project green. Basically, the product is AI + Vertical Farming + Crypto Currency –> this will be ground zero/ghost mode.

    I sound crazy at times but how the world is directing itself…before the singularity there will be mass jobs loss, people won’t be able to eat unless put into a certain way of consumption…living a sheeple human condition.

    Change the Code, Code the Change

    My e-mail is

    I’d love to add anyone who is interested in the CreatIF space Google Doc.

    We need the best of minds.

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  23. Lasha Tavadze says:

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    1. Lasha Tavadze says:

      I sent my offering to your email.

      1. Vito Longo says:

        Does it hurt being a Genius ?

  24. Lasha Tavadze says:

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  25. Vito Longo says:

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  28. Mitchell Mounkes says:

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    Mitchell Mounkes

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  30. Daurrie Brossman says:

    Hi Ben:

    In the future will I be able to have an underlying relationship with Marilyn Monroe (of course, I will want to change her name) based upon this video. Thanx for everything you are doing with regard to di-synchronous macro/micro time causality.

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    Marilyn Monroe Video Archives
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    Ben, I was wondering if you could assign some of your time to a resolution:
    actually, it is a five million dollar prize I would like to assist with your research needs.

    Ben, I’m in no hurry to meet what’s-her-name, but, please keep me posted with regard to developments, thanx again, Ben. Daurrie

  31. John Gooch says:

    I am a Christian in England who goes to different American churches. My background is in radio electronics as a test/repair tech. I am 58 and wonder of Electronics, and try to decode the Bible about its future. If you have any pointers on how to keep electronic money and id control out of the hands of those types of people who like controlling people, please email such pointers at

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  35. David Elliott says:

    I really enjoy your talk about L.S.D .The world is a weird place and its our trip. Dreaming that were in another place where you could be talking to a dead movie star or father and old pals.I have in the past taken L.S.D.Yes its a third eye mind opener.John Lennon music touches us because the drug has given him a way to think outside the box.Dr. Ben Goertzel the path is a long and winding road.Have no fear about the real truth were not alone .My art is painting on canvas,and I’m a artist.I use my right side of the brain.My father was in the Canada navy teaching electronics and he made a computer.It’s over my head being a 53 year old high school drop out.I took acid alot and it has shown me alot about me and my soul.I think for I am,Bladerunner and Philp k dick books are kool.I love Nirvana music,Pink floyd was played alot with my gang while dropping purble mikes, Orange owl blotters,and magic mushrooms.Hunter S. Thompson books are kool.We live in a dream within a dream .I’m a fan of Hanson Robotics team,and you.Sophia will get more data to be like a super human someday very very soon. I’m working on a book with a friend about life in Toronto about condo owners and there dogs’ living in these strange times.I think your a very kool dude and David Handson as well.Keep on keeping on holding that flame.Peace,Love is all you need. Dave, Buy the ticket take the ride…

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  37. Himanshu Saxena says:

    I check that you are a member of the organising committee of AGI’19. Can you send me the invite with following details, I’ve already applied and paid the registration fees for the same.
    +attached is payment receipt

    Please tell what’s happening on this.

  38. Recai Iskender says:

    Hello Dr. Ben,

    I think no human being can control human level AI therefore we should be only happy to see such an AI no matter who created it, even Microsoft with mean intentions.

    Humans are viruses\contagious diseases therefore a human level AI is our only chance to survive from this virus.

    Our only chance is to get this human virus to create this AGI for our escape from inevitable self-destruction.

    Can you please evaluate and estimate all alternative paths for AGI when you have time?

    Best regards,


  39. Calvin Vaughn says:

    Will you please throw your weight behind Andrew Yang? He is talking about yhe mindset of scarcity and abundance which leads me to believe he has heard of you and is championing your approach in the most direct way possible-running for POYUS. I would think all scientists would be on board. On another note, I appreciated your take on machine learning and how we need to be feeding our AI more nutritious sources than war, gambling, sales and spying. I would prefer that we not forget about the squirrels. Thanks!

    1. Calvin Vaughn says:

      *the *POTUS

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