In a better universe, this page would contain links to all my 100+ research papers!  For the time being, this pdf contains a reasonably complete list of papers, with links to online versions for many of them.  Some of the online versions are behind paywalls, unfortunately.  As time permits I may upload free versions, but don’t hold your breath as I’m generally more interested in doing new stuff than curating old stuff….

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  1. Darrell @ presuppositions of nlp says:

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  2. Jonathan Moore says:

    what a cool line of work. Im working on examining my own cognitive potentials using imagery and researching the history of imagery throughout human culture. the human mind is amazing. thinking is rather amazing in itself.

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  11. Thomas Hinde says:

    Patterns Codes and sequences may or may not be, because, the language that explains it was created from it by those with an Agenda empowered by it including the math that has replaced experiments , however, your work is an Esoteric Avatar of BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS which will change TIME & SPACE and become godz’ themselves, but, unfortunately for them the Reserection virus will initiate Operation Armageddon off into 100 million facets of inevitability

  12. Evqueni Yero Rodríguez says:

    Yo realmente creo que aunque tu trabajo es brillante, así como el de muchos investigadores, trabajamos a un nivel de abstración incorrecto. Mi propuesta y por tanto mi trabajo se centra en encontrar ese nivel.

    A diferencia de la mayoría de los investigadores creo que el mundo es increiblemente simple, pero, aun no encontramos la forma adecuada de manejar la complejidad con que se nos muestra.

    El mundo tiene reglas simples. Lo complejo es encontrar la manera de capturar estas reglas y manejarlas en un dispositivo.

  13. Evqueni Yero Rodríguez says:

    Yo estoy trabajando en un nuevo framework basado en la teoría del pensamiento de S.L Rubinstein, un psicólogo ruso poco conocido en occidente y expone lo que es para mi la base de los procesos cognitivos que debemos implementar en un framework cognitivo.

  1. List of links to my research papers added to site… » says:

    […] Research Papers […]

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