Wacky intuitions about psi and Singularity

Someone asked me this question:

I was wondering, how do you square your belief in psi with the idea that we’re going to create a transhumanly powerful agent? I ask because psi seems to have some kind of agency/intelligence behind it, and I’m not sure what that/those agent/agents thinks/think about the idea of a human-caused AI expanding outwards at light speed or whatever. Certain psi phenomena seem to themselves imply a transhuman (godlike) agency behind them. Thus far I’ve focused entirely on figuring out how to cause a positive singularity, but the existence of psi phenomena makes me think that perhaps this isn’t such a good idea.

My wacky but sincere reply:

Personally, I tend to think psi is a sort of minimal, shifting, blurry glimpse into a deeper realm of reality, such as shamen have contacted for a long time (and some contemporaries have contacted under the influence of psychedelics like DMT and ayahuasca)…. The Singularity will likely bring us into contact with this realm in different, more powerful ways. The intelligence immanent in this realm is different from the goal-oriented, survival-oriented intelligence that we deal with in everyday life, and that we often implicitly assume is the only possible or sensible kind of intelligence…. As Singularity melts the individual self and makes our regions of both mind and world more pliable, we will move closer to this deeper realm and its different kind of intelligence in some ways…

That’s a non-scientific, personal view, but anyway that’s my intuitive feeling..

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