Ten Years to the Singularity If We Really Really Try (edited book release…)

Happy Newtonmas fellow humans…

I have gathered together some of my old (2008-2011) essays from H+ Magazine and elsewhere, into a book released via Humanity+ Press, titled Ten Years to the Singularity If We Really Really Try, and Other Essays on AGI and its Implications. See

Most of the essays have some new introductory¬† material, putting them in the context of stuff that’s happened between the time they were written and late 2014.¬†¬† The future is rapidly unfolding —

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  1. Brad Simon says:


    I enjoy your interviews, blogs and articles and am looking forward to reading this compilation. Do you plan on making this available for the kindle? I’m happy to pay to read it on a dedicated reading device.


    Brad Simon

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