SingularityNET — Whoa !!!

SingularityNET’s Ben Goertzel has a grand vision for the future of AI

SingularityNET — an ambitious project to create a decentralized marketplace for AI — has raised a lot of money in its token sale. In around 60 seconds after opening the sale to the public, it sold out of the whole amount of available tokens (the AGI token), bringing the total raised to $36 million.”

Seems that, thanks to some great new collaborators and 6 months of hard work on PR,  fundraising, tokenomic design and legalese, I have finally gotten some significant funding behind my AGI visions.

Oh, and Ruiting and I have a baby boy due in January.

2018 should be interesting!



  1. Conor O'Higgins says:


    ( •_•)>⌐■-■


  2. vzn says:

    big news! found your blog from this link/ interview, maybe youve already seen it.

    what do you think the leading theory of AGI is at this time?

    here is a creative new take/ angle based on many yrs of research.



  3. Thomas Fritsch says:

    Hi Ben
    I have read your postings in SingularityNet chat from today (10.1.18) about the beneficial impact of AI to the welfare of mankind (so-to-say “Deep A-Impact”).
    Surely you are fully occupied with SingularityNet and becoming a father
    Ntl, I’d just like to know your opinion about our project “Kairos” regarding the prediction of depressive disease and depressive surges by nonlinear time series analysis coupled with AI/Neural Networks. The intervention of an empathic “Thera-Bot” at the right time would have the most beneficial effect to milden or even avoid a depressive surge.
    As you might know, up to 10% (rising number in future) of all people are suffering from this terrible disease whose impact on social life is in general neglected, “don’t want to be recognized as it is” etc.
    You wrote we could contact you again after a week or so when there would be no reaction.
    I’ve sent the project description to you by email one week ago.
    If you can catch some time pls have a look on it.
    Best regards
    Thomas (Tom_Tokeya)

  4. Paul222 says:

    You are such a deceived douche it’s just amazing…

  5. Karla says:

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  6. adam says:

    Paul222 – I’d love to know what sorts of things you yourself have contributed to society – other than negative vibes against others for no reason.
    Ben – thank you for being you.

    – Adam

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