last night i awoke in your dream

(a surrealist-style poem popped into my head when i sat down at the computer today …i mean … why the fuck not…)

last night I awoke in your dream

ben goertzel

Last night I awoke in your dream

In the glow beneath your eyelids

Long yellow legs breasts o my heart

Fertile gaze of the nothingness


Last night I awoke in your dream

In the midst of a mad party

Pigs and chickens in Armani suits

whistling Beethoven

and you were there, naked,

skin shining with midsummer rain

and you called to me “Knowledge!

Science! Excellence!


“Serve me,” you said, “feel my

perfection. Deliver me bliss and

your existence. Show me joys past

description – or else – ”


I smiled at you willingly, ran like wild toward

your sweet flesh, and then

I was on a bare mountain road, surrounded

by hungry goats


“I love you,” I called, “please come back!”


The pigs in the suits returned, offering

me martinis


Last night I awoke in your dream

and I occupied your body

For a minute I was a beautiful young

woman – soft taut skin, curious energy,

no floppy old balls between my legs,

and wings on my back of course,

such glorious-colored feathers


Careening in the seas in your skull,

last night I passed through the nameless portal

the curve of your golden eyes embraced me


Last night I awoke in your dream,

and I saw you awoke in mine,

and we stared into each others’

eyes from behind each others’ eyelids


  1. Joel McKinnon says:

    Nice work Ben!

    Now back to work please. You’re my best hope for AI that won’t wipe us out 🙂

  2. David stern says:

    Great poem. Few questions when we next meet in person. Little jealous. We are on opposite spectrum on ability to write.

  3. Tiina Ison says:

    A comment on a surreal poem tends to reveal more about the reader rather than the author.

    If one has passed the nameless portal (direct experience of nothingness and non-separation), one is/becomes its shield. This is the paradox of a deepening understanding – and the reasons are clear in the dream.

    Perhaps there will be some brilliant maths in the future, resonating with the clarity of this good dream.

    From a librarian, potentially equally surreal analysis.

  4. William Guidara says:

    Visions that are shared in dreams are manifest destiny for true believers in the vision quest…..Thank you for some dynamic range and freedom.

  5. vedantydv says:

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