Some questions I get asked a lot.   These lists will likely be expanded over time.

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  1. nutrition chia seeds, chia seeds in water says:

    If you already have Type-2 Diabetes, it’s important to watch your blood-sugar closely and ask your doctor about adding Chia Seeds to your diet.

    Remember the last sprouting tip: “The sprout
    doesn’t need fertilizer because it is drawing its initial nutrition from the seed”—this illustrates the nutritional power
    of chia as you watch it grow. They grow quickly, thanks to the nutrient packed seed, making sprouts to add
    to your salad even faster.

    1. Tupac Shakur says:

      hey i wnt 2 buy the chia seeds for ny diebetes

  2. Grace Miazza says:

    AI has come a long way since the term was coined and defined based on human perception and reasoning. How would you define AI in light of today’s expanding AI construct?

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