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         A resume as of early summer 2002

         My Goertzel for US President in 2004 Campaign Page

(which needs updating, and alas I fear I'm going to have to delay my campaign until at least 2008, as the Novamente AI project needs all my time at the moment.... (Heck, if this damn Singularity thing comes fast enough, I may not get the chance to run at all...))

14409 Oakvale St.
Rockville MD 20853

         My phone number is 301-603-9618




Zeb Goertzel's story page

Zeb Goertzel's "Zebradillo" site


Zeb's favorite question these days: 

"What is the use of life or death?"

 I've given him many answers but, well,  none seem to satisfy him...  If anyone knows the answer, please e-mail me and let me know, and I'll pass it along to him.


Zar's Newest Web Page

Zar's Previous Web Page

Zar's Old Web Page  

my 14 year old son's stories, pictures etc., on sites he has built himself

My own collection of Zar's stories

E-mail Zar

My favorite Zar quote: "If you morons can't finish that thinking machine by the time I grow up, I'll have to finish it for you."



Zade Goertzel, four-time winner of the Goertzel family annual Cutiepie Award, started making up stories well before she could read her webpage...


(We don't always keep her locked up in that box.)


Izabela Lyon Freire, my partner in cosmological mayhem. She's a surrational philosopher, AI software engineer, eyeball dancer, chinchilla tamer and bluegrass bagpipe player extraordinaire, with only the usual number of holes in her head and an uncanny affection for songs about ducks. What more can I say? (OK, I could say a lot -- but I'll save it for elsewhere ;-)

My mother, Carol Goertzel, runs a social service organization called the Womens Association for Womens Alternatives.  They're always looking for donations.  I couldn't recommend a worthier US charity. 

My father, Ted Goertzel, is a prince among sociologists, a pillar of the community and a rock of solidity in a chaotic world.  Hats off to Ted everybody!  Here is a link to  Ted Goertzel's homepage

My "estranged" (and strange) soon-to-be-ex-wife Gwen's homepage and online oil painting gallery