Essays: 2005-2007

"Essay" is used here as a grab-bag term for informal nonfictional writing -- as opposed to dense, technical academic research papers.  The "essays" given here cover a pretty wide ground, from poetic wild-ass speculations to journalistic articles to more formal explorations that are almost academically rigorous but not quite.  There are also a few pieces that were published originally in academic journals, but even so aren't quite fully academic-ish....

Of course this is very far from a complete list of everything I've written -- it's just a small sampling.  Nor is it a "best of" -- it's more a "whatever I happened to put online at some point, for some reason or another."

My collection of online pre-2005 essays can be found here.  There is a lot of overlap with the current list, but there are some weird old speculative pieces on there that I haven't bothered to replicate here.

Stuff written during 2008 and 2009 will be posted here eventually...

Futurist Philosophy

Artificial Intelligence


The "Journey of the Void" is basically the same concept as my "Ons" attempt at unified physics, but told as a quasi-theological prose poem rather than an assemblage of equations.


This one might be important -- I think I understood some new things about why quantum physics is so peculiar, but I haven't taken time to develop these ideas fully or publicize them at all.

Fragments of a Very Incomplete Attempt at a Unified Physics

These are rough notes that originated during a dialogue with Onar Aam, Kent Palmer and Tony Smith in the late 1990's.  A promising direction I think, but very formative and preliminary thoughts.



Quantum Computing


Book Reviews