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Morphic Pilot Theory: Toward an Extension of Quantum Physics that Better Explains Psi Phenomena

Ben Goertzel

June 2010

The paper is here in PDF form

While the empirical data supporting the existence of psi phenomena is now quite strong, the search for a theoretical understanding of these phenomena has been much less successful. Here a class of extensions of quantum physics is proposed, which appear broadly consistent both with existing physics data and with the body of data regarding psi phenomena. The basic idea is to view "subquantum fluctuations" as biased randomness, where the bias embodies a tendency to convey physical impulse between parts of spacetime with similar pattern or form. In a Bohmian interpretation of quantum physics, this biasing would take the form of a "morphic pilot wave," with a bias to move in directions of greater "similarity of patternment" (or more colorfully, "morphic resonance"). In a Feynman interpretation, it would take the form of a biasing of the measure used within path integrals, so as to give paths in directions of greater morphic resonance a greater weight. Theories in this class could take many possible equational forms, and several such forms are displayed here to exemplify the approach.