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  4. SingularityNET — Whoa !!! — December 28, 2017
  5. A few shiny daydreams… — July 6, 2016

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AI for Theorem-Proving 2019

In the midst of a bunch of more SingularityNET and Singularity Studio oriented activity, it’s a pleasure to be able to take a few days to focus on deep AI issues — I’m currently en route from Tokyo, where I spoke at the AI Expo and the Teamz blockchain events and helped give SingularityNET and …

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Reading the news…

So we can couple distant quantum systems via sound waves and we now know that extracellular charge diffusion in the brain (known about since forever, see e.g. review in ) can leap across fairly big gaps My mind can’t help but wander to Matthew Fisher’s hypothesis on coupled spins of …

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Sophia’s AI — June 2018 Brief Update

My  main focus lately has been on the SingularityNET AI-meets-blockchain project, but I’ve also been putting in a fair bit of effort on the intersection between OpenCog and Hanson Robotics, pushing to get the OpenCog cognitive architecture’s integration into the Sophia robot’s “Hanson AI” software back end to the next level.   This doesn’t involve SingularityNET extensively …

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SingularityNET — Whoa !!!

SingularityNET’s Ben Goertzel has a grand vision for the future of AI “SingularityNET — an ambitious project to create a decentralized marketplace for AI — has raised a lot of money in its token sale. In around 60 seconds after opening the sale to the public, it sold out of the whole amount of available tokens (the …

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A few shiny daydreams…

Fun with image transformations…

last night i awoke in your dream

(a surrealist-style poem popped into my head when i sat down at the computer today …i mean … why the fuck not…) last night I awoke in your dream ben goertzel Last night I awoke in your dream In the glow beneath your eyelids Long yellow legs breasts o my heart Fertile gaze of the …

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Deep Mind and Go and Hybrid AI Architectures

I like Gary Marcus’s article on Deep Mind and their recent awesome Go-playing AI software, which showed the ability to play at a top-notch level (not yet beating the world champion, but beating the European champion, which is a lot better than I can do….) One good point Gary  makes in his article is that, …

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OpenAI — quick thoughts

People keep asking me for comments about OpenAI.   Rather than pasting the same stuff into dozens of emails, I’ll just put my reply here… (New links regarding OpenAI are appearing online frequently so I won’t try to link to the most interesting ones at the particular moment I’m writing this.  Use Google and investigate yourself …

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From DARPA to Toyota… so quickly… (reflection on the entrepreneurial state)

I’m reading The Entrepreneurial State (on my new Sony Digital Paper, which btw is far and away is the most awesome e-reader created  as of 2015…), which makes a pretty strong case that gov’t research funding, rather than VCs and startups, has been the primary engine of tech innovation…. Self-driving cars are not discussed in …

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Sociopaths flogging Aspergers …

The New York Times ran a pretty good article on the harsh, ruthlessly efficiency-driven work environment inside Amazon… I take this as more evidence that the last gasp of the human-driven economy will consist of A) scattered small groups of creative-minded maniacs spinning out new ideas B) large, well-coordinated groups of overworked Aspergers people, ruled …

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