A long time ago,

in a galaxy far, far away...



Zar Wars

by Zar Goertzel




Dick and Dock were on a planet name Sala. They saw a person about to shoot something strange, with fire coming out of it, and it made lots of fire and blew up the base that the person was in. Dick and Dock jumped out of the way.

They saw someone else trying to blow something up, and then jumped out of the way again.

They went home to watch TV, and on TV they saw those two bases, in a big circle of fire. All the people on TV said, "Throw water all around the fire!" Dock and Dick went and got water and threw it all around the fire. But the circle of fire stayed there, and never went out. There was now a whole ocean of water around the fire.

So the people decided they had to get away in boats.

When someone was trying to get on a boat, a wave knocked him out of the boat and another person jumped in. The first guy got killed. A wave knocked someone else out and they got drowned.

After two years, they got out of the water, to another part of the planet where there was another base. Someone blew up the other base, and they had to get away in boats again.

After another month they got to another place and the same thing happened a third time. This time there was a whole bunch of other good guys coming down in Wobble Wing fighters. Dock and Dick got in someone else's Wobble Wing fighter with them and flew out into space.

Then the planet they had been on exploded and turned into a sun. They found themselves in the middle of a war, where the good guys' ships were named Klongles fighters and Stingding fighters and Wobble Wing fighters, and the bad guys' ships were named Fire Shooters and Klahs and Klongdohrs.

A Fire Shooter shot the sun and the sun shot out a bit piece of fire and blew up the Fire Shooter. Fire shot all over and burned up a lot of ships.

Then two Klongdohrs shot a Fire Shooter and it blew up.

Chapter 1+1

Discovery of a Home

Dock and Dick flew for 2 more years after they won that battle,

until they saw a planet called Kitramoth. They saw a house on the planet that had no one in it. They thought it had had no one in it for thousands of years.

The house was named Tawabilly house. It had been a giant's house. All the furniture was destroyed. Dock and Dick made much smaller furniture, and many more floors to put the furniture on, and they lived there for more than a year, until the same thing happened as on the first planet they were on: some people came and blew it up.

This time they flew away in their spaceship, and found another a war in outer space.

There were even more ships this time -- a different kind of ships, called X-wings and Ox-wings and Tox-wings and T-wings. All the bad guys' ships were named Kling Fighters, Stong and Stung Fighters, and TIE fighters, and PIE fighters that shoot pies. Then, an X-wing shot a TIE fighter, and TIE fighters were zooming all over shooting X-wings.

Their Wobble Wing fighter almost got destroyed, but they got away, and they just zoomed all over shooting TIE fighters until there were only 16 X-wings left and 17 TIE fighters. And a Stung fighter shot an X-wing and it blew up.

Then Dock and Dick shot a TIE fighter and it blew up.

Then they landed on a star -- half of it was fire, and half of it was as solid as a planet.

Dock said, "I don't think this was a good thing to do, to land on a star. I think there could be something very dangerous here. All the other ships on the good side that escaped from the battle landed here too, but I think that it could be very dangerous, because there could be something that could kill us here.

Then, they saw the fire part of the star, and they saw monsters coming out of the fire part, that were made out of fire. They threw fireballs all over. The rest of the part that they were on was getting destroyed. Dock threw his lightsaber at it, and the fireball disappeared.

Then one even bigger than the others came out. Dock and Dick threw their lightsabers at it; their lightsabers just came out like fire sticks, and Dock and Dick just jumped out of the way. Everyone shot laser beams at the monster. Finally they shot the middle place where the heart was supposed to be. There was a real heart there, and the monster just disappered when they hit its heart. But fireballs kept exploding out of the fire part of the star, and the fire part of the star shrank. There wasn't as much fire.

Dock said, "I think the fire part of the star was really only those fire monsters."

Thousands of fireballs came out and they started making the fire part of the star even larger. They ran back; most of the people got killed. Dock and Dick ran back to the powerfulest ship there was, and took off in it, with their friend Balloon.

Balloon was very fat.

In two more minutes, the star blew up and turned into a star that was only fire.

But Dock and Dick back to see it happening.

Then they went back to their house, and fixed it up -- the bad people were gone.

They lived in their house for 19 years.