War War

by Zar Zar

Chick and Chock said "We've got to kill Shick and Shock." Then, they heard a knock on their door. Zick and Zock opened the door and walked into Chick and Chock's house. Zick and Zock said that Shick and Shock had got killed in a war, 200,000 years ago. Then, Chick and Chock said to Zick and Zock, "We will kill you if you do not say Shick and Shock are alive! We are on the Zar side of the Dorce." Zick and Zock looked out the window of Chick and Chock's house. They saw a missile appear from nowhere and head straight toward Chick and Chock's house. Zick and Zock thought they were going to get killed.


Part II, Chapter 1

Chick and Chock said, "It's easy to blow up a missile, just get one of my Klong guns and I'll shoot it. " But, before they could do anything, the missile landed on their house. There was a giant explosion. Ick and Ock's house got torn into pieces from a giant storm that the explosion made. Ick and Ock were almost killed from the storm ending. They walked to Chick and Chock's house, took two days, and went 20 miles. Ick and Ock couldn't even see any part of Chick and Chock's house -- all they could see, where it had been, was a big hole the size of 200,000,000,000 quokkas.


Part III Chapter 1

Ick and Ock went into the hole and went to sleep. They woke up 14 hours later. They decided to call the hole "stokkas." All they found while they were looking around the desert that was made by the storm was some gold. They walked on a sandy path of footprints that was winding all over. They knew that was the only way they could get back to their hole. They didn't know there was the soft sound of footprints behind them. They heard a big growl and they had 2,000,000,000 quokkas fighting each other, because they were mad that Ick and Ock turned around and saw them. Then they all jumped up on top of Ick and Ock. Ick and Ock were punching and kicking the quokkas. There were too many quokkas for them to kill -- they just killed two, until they were knocked unconscious by lots of quokkas jumping on their heads. When they woke up, they found that the quokkas were flying all over them. When the quokkas saw Ick and Ock walking away under them, they jumped down onto Ick and Ock's head, and killed Ick and Ock.


Chapter 2

Quokka Party

The quokkas were very good at making fire. They took some of their spit, and put it all over Ick and Ock's clothes and head and hair. Then they put some hot sand on it. Then each one of them pulled some of their fur out and put it on top of the sand and spit, and a gigantic flame came up. Every quokka was very surprised it made such a big fire!

The quokkas made a big sand castle around the fire, and the sand castle and the ground under it in the middle of the fire turned into glass. The quokkas started to slip all over the ground, because they ground was turning into glass under them outside of the circle of glass around the fire. Fire was under some of the glass! They figured out that the fire went under the ground where Ick and Ock were, and went all over, turning places where there was sand into glass. Fire broke all the glass and killed and burned all the quokkas.


Chapter 3

The Real Story

Dick said to Dock "I see two mouthlike things that are opening and shutting. There's a big storm coming into us. You've got to go down the stairs into the basement."

When they were in the basement, they found the stairs were shaking. The basement was falling. They were falling for two hours. Then, they heard the basement shatter into pieces. There were thousands of houses made out of glass. They said, "I'll go see if there's an ocean down there, and see what the ocean looks like. It might be made out of glass, too." They saw this ocean; it had sand floating all over, in poison acid, gas and oil.

They saw this glass person floating in the ocean, saying "Hey you people! Come have a swim with me!"

Dock and Dick said back to him, "We're not going to swim in gas and oil."

Chapter 3, Part 2

The Army Comes to Destroy Dock and Dick

The glass man said, "I'll go to tell the Master of the Universe that you won't swim in this ocean," and I'll lock you in a jail while I'm going to tell him.

Then, the glass man arrived at the big, big basement where Zartahn, the Master of the Universe, lived. The glass man said "People will not swim in the ocean when I told them to. They're in the jail called BB-6.

Zartahn said, "I will send an army to destroy them. In two minutes, the army will be on its way." Zartahn went to the army and said "Get all your weapons, then go to jail BB-6." In two minutes, Dock and Dick saw two hundred quintillion glass people walking to the jail. Each one had a quintillion weapons. They were carrying signs that said "No one can kill us."

Then, Ick and Ock appeared in the jail and said "We have two hundred quintillion weapons, and we have a powerfuller one than them. We will destroy them for you. We'll give you the second powerfullest weapon." Ick and Ock went out. They were spinning little sharp sticks around their fingers, slicing glass people in half. There were six glass people left. Ick and Ock nearly got killed. Right before Dick and Dock thought they were dead, Ick and Ock said "It's impossible to kill us. Just go, swim in the ocean, you will find a little island. We will be there!"


Chapter 3, Part 3

Dick, Dock, ???