I love you Ben, Gwen, Zeb, Zade and Zar . Let's play

hide and seek . I love you . The story is gonna start

now . The story is Zar Wars.


One day Zar and Zeb were Jedi Master Gods. Then

Luke found Zar and Zeb. Zar said we are good

Jedi Master Gods we are going to kill the






Chapter 1

Go to kill the Emperor


zar and zeb and luke flew to the death star.

Zar told the emperor that we are Jedis and we

have caught luke so let us in. Are you on the

dark side of the force, asked the Emperor. Yes, they

said with the force so the emperor let them in.

It's in room 142869. zar and zeb went to the emperor

and electrocuted him. zar and zeb used the force to

break the metal and luke ran away and saw vader.

Luke moved his light saber left and vader moved his

light saber right



chapter 2

go to middle earth


Han followed a star destroyer to middle earth and

landed. Then a elf shot an arrow at a rebel and

he died. Then Han killed a elf.

Elves kept shooting all the rebels.

Trolls came, and they really wanted to eat all the food there was there.

Han didn’t want to kill all these creatures, but he thought he might have to, because they were trying to kill them.

He shot one of them, but it just got hurt a lot, and it ran away.

Then an elf shot another rebel, and hobbits started picking stuff up – guns, suits and things.

Frodo told all the hobbits to pick up the guns and shoot bad guys, not rebels.

The elves were shooting rebels because the rebels had killed and elf.

Frodo told the hobbits to go kill Sauron, the Dark Lord of Middle Earth, and all the Dark Riders.

They saw a humongous army of dark riders come out of Mordor, and then another army, and then another.

It took them a month to kill one whole army of Dark Riders.

The Dark Riders finally found them.

The Dark Riders were shooting arrows.

Then, someone chopped Leia’s hand off with a sword. Another hobbit picked up the light saber that Leia had and ran to help. All the stuff that the Dark Riders were using just got disintegrated by the light saber, and disappeared.

And Frodo was blocking all the arrows and swords that the Dark Riders were using with his light saber.


Chapter 3

Dark Force Rising

Jorus C’Baoth’s men are working hard with the Emperor –

working to make another Death Star.

Meanwhile, Luke was fighting with Darth Vader.

The Emperor got there, and Jorus C’baoth got there, and they both said: "AND NOW, SKYWALKER, YOU WILL DIE!!!!"

Vader got totally evil from seeing his son start to die.

But Zar and Zeb came and electrocuted

The Emperor and Vader and Jorus C’baoth. Zar turned Vader back to the Rebel side. Vader used his light saber, and sliced Jorus’s head off.

Zar and Zeb helped kill the Emperor, and he was dead.

But then Vader died, because Zar and Zeb made it so that if Vader was turned back to the Rebel side, he would die.