Sociopaths flogging Aspergers …

The New York Times ran a pretty good article on the harsh, ruthlessly efficiency-driven work environment inside Amazon…

I take this as more evidence that the last gasp of the human-driven economy will consist of
  • A) scattered small groups of creative-minded maniacs spinning out new ideas
  • B) large, well-coordinated groups of overworked Aspergers people, ruled over and metaphorically flogged by overworked sociopaths [e.g. Amazon] —- dealing with the tricky bits of the scaling-up and rolling-out of these new ideas

After the robots and AIs have taken over all the other jobs, during an interim period, these may still be left — and then a few years or at most a couple decades later, they’ll be obsoleted too …

Hopefully, during this interim period, some of the ideas being implemented by the Aspergers/sociopath armies will involve distributing some resources to everyone else who has already been obsoleted from the economy as such…


  1. F says:

    Amazon and your view of the last gasp of the human-driven economy sound’s pretty much like the office I work in.

  2. Aaron Crandal says:

    I feel like the push back on the concept of replacing human for jobs they’d rather not do is so substantial it’s comical. I get that we’re generally wired to identify patterns which attracts us to the familiar for the sake of an identity. It’s just discouraging that people deliberately refuse to see the benefits of an external auto-sympathetic system that frees us up to concentrate on next level interests. Statements like “not in our lifetime” should be as socially reprehensible as “I’m still figuring out how to use my dick”.

  3. Samantha Atkins says:

    This aspie is walking away from being an employee to attempt to do something more creative, to create value I actually care about in ways I actually value, in my remaining productive years however many or few they may turn out to be. Selling the literal hours of my life whether on salary or by the hour sucks. I have had more than enough of it.

    I may have to live in a shack in the middle of nowhere with a good internet connection and a computer my only luxuries but I am done with the world of being an employee.

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