New subscription page for AGI, Singularity email lists

In 2004 I started two email lists, one for AGI discussion and the other for Singularity discussion.   These are still rolling along, but the subscribe/unsubscribe page for them was on another website that went offline years ago.   I have finally put a new subscribe/unsubscribe page for the lists online, see http://wp.goertzel.org/email-lists/

The AGI list is co-administered and moderated by John Rose; the Singularity list is co-administered and moderated by Giulio Prisco and Amara Angelica from Kurzweilai.net

Mailing lists aren’t as important in the Internet ecosystem as they once were, given the explosion of social networks of various forms; but IMO they still fill a useful role.   Social network sites come and go but email has been around a while and probably isn’t going anywhere, though it may adopt various forms….


  1. Elizabeth Kurtak says:

    Please, add me to the list for AGI and Singularity. We live in exciting times 🙂

  2. Andrew Ybarra says:

    Add me!

  3. Kevin Kennedy says:

    Thank you Dr Goertzel for driving this discipline forward.

  4. Peter Christiansen says:

    Please add my name to both lists.

    And thank you, very much


  5. korrelan says:

    Please add me to both lists. Cheers!

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  7. csgo weapon says:

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  8. Bruno Versiani dos Anjos says:

    Hello Ben (my english is not perfect). I think do dont remenber to me. I am Bruno Versiani friend of Izabela Lyon (do you visit my home, do you remember …)

    Ben, I am reading a lot about TransHumanism, Emergence, Singularity – many autors like Steve Fuller, Ray Hammond, Ray Kurzweill, Gianfranco Minati, David Herbert, Norbert Wiener, and may others.

    I am deep concernet and fascinating, To my viewpoint, the principal problem is the interface neuron-silicon to made the “great” ontologic/epistemic/neural super net. But probably is not strictly necessary a “fisical” interface. Probably the interface can be do by, for example “wi fi”.

    I hear about algoritms that modify their own code (proto conscience …), and there is programs now that is impossible to make the diference if it is a person or a “robo” cheating. Fascinating.

    Ben, my plans is to make a doctorat not in Comp Sci, but in Philosophy, studying the big imersive semiurgic / epistemic / hermeneutic (this word exist in english , I dont know) net and this multi dynamics that will occur in some years.

    Unfortunaly in Brazil, Philosophy departments are very closed, and in some year ago I have huge problems … I passed in FIRST in theoric exame and they simply … exclude me in the interview (last phase) WITHOUT explication. University in Brazil is a cryptocracy. Hermetic, WITHOUT external auditory.

    I am looking universities in Canada, Netherlands, France, Rep Tcheca, and others.

    Please,, if you have some sugestion, send to me.

    Best Regards,


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