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Zeb Wars Story

Zeb Goertzel

January 1998


One day, Dick and Dock were in the Millenium Falcon, and they got to one planet where Dickolas and a nice monster were, and that was their master and Dickolas's master. The monster said, "If you do not sing the song, then you will die!" to Dickolas. So Dickolas sang the song;

and the song was

Ksshyang ksshyang

kshan khgggldlyong

Then they typed something into a computer and printed it out -- they printed out their work. Their work was Zeb Hungarian work. It wasn't fun work -- it was bad work, Dickolas always does bad work, and so do Dick and Dock.

Then they went to a planet, that they didn't know had a different creature on it -- and it was a mean one, and Dickolas helped Dick and Dock fight it. The creature could turn itself into an airplane to fly, and then turn itself back into a monster when it landed. It kept trying to get them to do what it said, but they kept fighting it, because they didn't want to do what it said.

Then, Luke fought Vader in Vader's ship -- LUKE LUKE luke Luke Luke Luke Luke Luke Luke Luke

Start again.

End again.