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Zeb StarHobbit Wars

by Zeb Goertzel,

January 1998


Ken killed everyone, then he got killed.

Except for Dick and Dock -- then all the other people appeared again. Then a helicopter came and got in the Zeb Destroyer, and all the people said "Why would a helicopter get in a Zeb destroyer" and the helicopter got out.

Then all the people ran around saying "AAAAH AAAAH AAAH AAAAH AAAH AAAH", and then they said "LUKE LIKED VADER! LUKE LIKED VADER! LUKE LIKED VADER!"

Then they stopped singing that song, and saw the heliocopter fly towards the Death Star.

The Death Star!

"Deeeeee deee --- deedle-dee DEEE DEEEE ---

deedle-dee DEEEE DEEEE -- deedle-deee-deeee...."

Game over.