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Zeb's NewDream

November 6, 1997



Zeb ate Zeb. The real Zeb ate a clone Zeb.

Then Zar fought with Zeb. Zar had a light saber and Zar and Zeb could shoot lightning out of their hands.

Then Ben found a ring, and if anyone picked up that ring and put it on then they would have to know where a book was that Zeb liked more than any other book -- a book that only Zeb could find. Ben put the ring on, but it was impossible for him to find the book, so he took the ring off.

Ben fought with Zeb, and Ben almost won, but it was only a pretend

swordfight, so Zeb almost won. And when they were done with the fight, Ben made a spaceship, because the sun was about to blow up.

Then they were in the Star Wars galaxy and they fought with the Emperor and Darth Vader, and Zeb won that war -- Zeb and Zar killed Darth Vader. Then they both went into Luke's spaceship and Zar and Zeb were going to go wherever Luke did, and Gwen and Zade were there too, but Zade doesn't do anything in this story. Then Gwen disappeared back into the Emperor's spaceship, for the Emperor to give Gwen something.

The Emperor gave Gwen a different ring. The ring makes people that have it on be a Jedi Master. Gwen put the ring on so she turned into a Jedi Master.

It's over!