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by Zeb Goertzel


Zar said "I hate you."

Zar said "I mean you."

Then, Dick and Dock came and destroyed Zar's head.

Then Zade came. She kissed Zar.

Then Ben came and kissed Zade's head.

Then Gwen came and kissed Ben's head.

Then Dick and Dock came and loved Zade's head.

Then Lick and Lock ate Zade's head.

Then Zade came and ate Dick and Dock's head.

Then a big war happened. Zade shot a missile down at Luke, and Peee came and ate Zade's butt off.

Then Ate came and ate Zade's head off.

Zeb hated Zeb, because Zeb hated Zeb.

Then Zade hated Zade, because Zade hated Zade.

Then Zar hated Zar so Zar hated Zar.

Then Zar heard one waterfall happening from the sky, and Zade hated Zade for Zade. Eight trillion bees came at Zade.

Zoob said "Zab" and Zab said "Zoob."

And my story's over.