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Window Wars

by Zeb

Luke loved Vader, and then Vader said "And now at the end do you understand the true power of the Dark Side?"

Luke said, "And now at the end do you understand, you must love me."

Vader said, "Go away."

Luke said, "I will not go away."


Love you 64.

Want to hate you.

Window fight.

The first window came out and shot the other one with a gun. Then the second one shot the first one. Only the ones that died broke.

Good babies are babies. 7 babies are 7 babies.

89 wars happened at the same time.

Then odd babies fought Vader. The babies won! Because there were a quintillion babies fighting one Vader.

Then Sick and Sock came and they got all the war people to come and fight. Then Thought People came and they smacked Vader. Then toenails came and they stepped on Vader. But then the Emperor found a gun that shoots at toenails. He shot them but they kept walking on Vader. Then Word People came, and they just fought the Emperor. Then lovely stupid flowers came and jumped on the toenails. Then a table came, and it ate most of the people, because it had a giant mouth. Then a calculator came, and it said, "What is seven plus seven?" -- Vader said "Lovely good! Lovely good air!" Vader thinks that -- that's why he said that.

Then, hands came and walked on everyone in that whole universe. Then feet came, and Zars did, and windows and fans and lights. Then Z over Game Over Story Over.