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Thing Wars

Zeb Goertzel

January 1998


Dick fought Vader, and he won. Then Dick went to his friend named Luke, and his friend sang a song that sounded like

chakk shoaakk shak shapp shak shap yumm yumm

The song was in Zeb Hungarian!

Then Luke fought against the Emperor.

A long long time ago.

1 + 1 = 2

1 +




A long long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Then, Dick and Dock got to the base. There were two bad guys standing up to them, and they jumped down into their ship. The bad guys said, "hey where are they?" The bad guys didn't have a ship to get where they were, and the bad guys didn't have a landspeeder. Then Dick and Dock were in their ship -- it was a three-people ship and it had Luke in it two. Then, Luke was flying. Dick said Luke was flying.

Then, Vader said "I want you to do what I say!" Then he said that the day after that, and he told them that again. He told Dick and Dock to fight the Rebels because he didn't like the Rebels.

Dick and Dock fought the Rebels because Vader wanted them to. They didn't like the Rebels because Vader told them not to.

It wasn't the real Vader, it was a robot Vader.

Luke killed Vader.

Vader got killed -- GAME OVER!