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Gun Wars

by Zeb

February 1998

A Star Destroyer came into the air and it blew -- it just blew air. The air exploded and came into a dark tube. Then Lick and Lock and Sick and Sock found it and went in it. They walked through the whole long tube and when they came out they were in a green place -- it was green mixed with black. And they found an old gun.

Then they got stuck a very little bit, on an island called Park. It was called that because there was a park on the island. Then on that island they found a place where there were lots of guns -- six hundred quintillion Zeb Destroyers and most of them were old Zeb Destroyers. They made all the Zeb Destroyers be their Zeb Destroyers. Then they saw one of the Zeb Destroyers keep shaking and shaking, but then it hit the ground and it blew up. Then, they found a fan they got on the fan and it went too slow because they were on it. Then they found all the cars, and all the cars were broken that they saw, and they used them to make another kind of ship.

Then wars-over came, and they were a kind of guns called wars-over. They were a kind of gun for using when a war was over. And Ben and Gwen Destroyers came and they blew up one whole city.

And then the story was over!