Zelda ZZ


Zeb Goertzel

June 18, 2000



Once upon a time there was a little boy.  And he saw Princess Zelda on a white horse, with some other stranger. 


And then suddenly the boat he was on crashed.  But he was OK. 


Meanwhile, Navi the Fairy was talking to the Duku tree. 


The Duku tree said, “Go find the boy Zelda Linkhead.”


So Navi went all the way to his house.  And he said “Wake up.”  And then he said “How could such a lazy bum sleep like that?  He’s a lazybones!”


And Zelda Linkhead woke up.  And he said, “We have to save the Duku Tree!”  So he got out of his house, and Sarai came running up and she said “Hi.”


He got down the ladder from his house.  He went walking up the little hill.  And then he went left.  And then he went up another hill.  He climbed over some gates.  He went through a little entrance, and then he saw a big bulldo. Zelda ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran.   And then went right.  And he saw a chest.  He opened it.  And Navi said, “You just got the Duku sword.” 


Zelda went back through the entrance.  And then he bought the Duku Shield and he went past Great Meado.  And he went to the Duku tree.  And he went inside it. 


Chapter Two

The Duku Battle


And then he saw a circle of biting plants.  He got bitten by one, and he said “Ouch!”


And then he saw a ladder, and he climbed up it.  And then he kept going on.  And he saw something you had to jump onto.


He jumped onto it, and then he jumped on it.  And then he kept going.


And then he went through a door.  And he saw a little guy and the little guy shot a nut out of his nose.  But the kid put his shield out.  And the seed broke. 


And that little guy got out of his hole.  And the kid chopped that guy’s head off. 


And that guy said, “Ouch!  Forgive me, master!  I’ll give you a hint, if you let me go” 


“My three brother order is the hint,” he said.  “Two, three, one.”  And then the guy died.


And the kid went through the door.


And he saw a big, really weak thing.  He didn’t bother going on it.  He jumped down on the ground.  He climbed up the vines, and he saw a chest.  He opened it.


And Navi said “You just got something called a slingshot!” 


And the kid jumped on the big thing and got to the other side. 


And he opened the door.  And then he saw some vines, and shot the guys on it. 


He killed a spider.  He jumped down.  He set his Duku stick on fire.  He broke the web. 


He went through the door.  He went through another door.  He went through the other door.  And then he saw two guys jump down.  They made their faces red.


They had charged.  They hurt him.  And he hurt them until he died.  And then he opened the door, and he saw the three brothers.  They shot some nuts out of their noses, and two of them turned purple. 


But the third one jumped and the kid chopped him.  And then that guy died and he went through the door.  He looked up and he saw a boss. 


The boss said, “I will destroy you now!!!”  The kid paralyzed that guy with a stick.  Then that guy hid.  He saw that guy.  That guy jumped down.  The kid chopped him 1000 times on the eye.  That guy hid.  And then that guy jumped down.  He chopped that guy 1000 times again.


And that guy died.


He got the heart case.  And left Level 1. 



Chapter 3

Goron City