Zade Gets Lost


Zade Goertzel

December 2000



Once upon a time, Zebby was trying to find me.  And then, Zebby was looking and looking.  And then Zebby came back home. 


And then Zebby said to Gwen, “I can’t find Zadie!”


And then Zebby came back outside.  And then Zebby tried look again.  Because he wanted Zade.


And Zade was walking away in the woods. 


And then Zebby was scared because it was night and Zebby heard something like a monster.  It wasn’t really a monster.  It was starting to get morning.  It was night Halloween, and everyone couldn’t get their candy because Zadie was away in the woods.


And then they couldn’t go to sleep. 


And then Zadie came back home into the woods and she saw every part of downstairs of the house, but no one was there.  They were upstairs sleeping.


Then, anyone couldn’t read a book to me.   And then, Zadie tried to make one of you who were asleep to wake up.  Or you to wake up, Zeb.


Then she went to sleep in Ben and Gwen’s bed when they were sleeping.  When they woke up, they saw me! 

And then they all died.


The end.