By Zeb Goertzel

October 5, 1999



      Once upon a time there was a Pokemon named Zero Zero.  And he had a friend, Zero.  But they were the best two Pokemons.  And they did not know the Pokemon Zariy.  And then they once found it, in the middle of the woods.

      And they could not defeat it.  So they just went on and on, until they found two Squirtles, attacking each other.  And then they decided to attack each other too.  They did not like it when they attacked each other.  And then they decided not to.  Then they went to the Pokemon gym.  The gym leader was named LT Serjint.  And it defeated them with its Rychu. 

      And the Rychu almost lost against them.  It was lucky that it defeated them.  They went to attack a Blastoise.  They defeated it.  In three moves.  And that was very easy.  And then they found a Trainer.  It went away the fastest it could go.  Then they decided to go, and let it catch them.  So they did not like that either.