Two Frogs


By Zade Goertzel

June 19, 2000



Once upon a time, there was two frogs.


One was named Piggy and the other was named Froggy


They played sleep.  


When they woke up, they watched a movie about animal flowers.  

It was a fun movie.  There was a pig monkey in the movie.


When the movie was done, they ate corn.   Then they ate chicken. 

They liked it.


Then they had a rest in their bed. 


Then they played on the swings.  


Then they went in their cave, where they lived with their friend Green Turtle.


Then they went to a farm cave. 


The turtle was in the farm cave with them.   The farm grew money.   It also grew animals and coins.


In the cave, they cut their hair.   They cut it all off like Ben did.


Then they went to a farm school.   They learned how to work on a farm on a computer. 


They laughed, because someone came in the door of their cave.   Vileplume and Manky came in.  They were the ones from the movie.  Vileplume was a flower animal.  Manky was a pig monkey.


Then some slugs came in the cave, and they had fun with the slugs.