Togapie’s Day


By Zeb Goertzel, Jan. 3 2000



        Togapie was just walking along until suddenly a Rychu came on.  Then the Rychu starting eating his feet.

        Togapie said, “Hey, you silly Rychu, my feet are not food!”

        “Well I like to eat feet,” Rychu said.  So he kept on eating.

        Then Togapie cried for food.  He cried for food all day and night.  He cried for food for 8 years.  He cried for food until somebody gave him food.  And then he went looking for Ash’s Pikachu. 

But the mean version of Ash came, and his name was Ass.  Ass stuck his ass in Pikachu’s face. 

Pikachu said “Rychu, help me!”

And Togapie found Misty.  “Yikes!”  Togapie said.  “My feet got damaged a lot.”

So Togapie got so tired that he went to sleep.   And then next year the Pokemon war started. 

The end.