The big big little little

kiddle kiddle bug


by Mr. Zeb

December 20, 1999




          The big big little little bug thought about how to get to Mr. Bear’s house.  He figured out a good way – catch a mouse.  And then he caught a mouse but the mouse beat him.  So the big big little little kiddle kiddle bug went home to have a little rest.  And his name was Oro.  Oro figured out about going to space in a rocket ship.  So he got interested in that and he thought he would find aliens.

          But then he tried to get on the rocket ship, but he didn’t, he missed it.  So he missed it, and a little manatee came on, just to say goodbye to him.  Then Ron the really hungry chicken came, with his boy friend, and said “My little chicken.”  Then he said “Tell me the story of the Blue Beam.”


Chapter 2

Blue Beam


          Blue Beam sang a song


                   Blue blue

                   Make you glue

                   In two spots goose


They kept singing the song with him until they got tired of it and then they started singing


                   Butt butt

                   They eat your butt



So they like to eat butts. 


So the little twiddle itchy bug came.   It said “Itchy, itchy, I’m itchy.” 


Then they went on a scary adventure to Jurassic Park.


And they were scared of the ride where the dinosaur came down to eat them. 


Then they got Zebbie’s and Zar’s mailboxes.   And took them off the wall.   And ripped them to pieces.  And then they had a nice dinner of mailbox.


          Butt butt

          Eat your butt