Skip and Scamp Get Lost

Zeb Goertzel

Dec. 2, 1999



            Skip and Scamp get lost in their owner’s bedroom.

            But they found lots of good toys.           Houses and toy people.  But what else can they find?

            They can find a toy horsie and a toy bear.  Even a toy doll.  They break the chairs and bite the clothing.   They rip the books.  They destroy everything in the room!!  Somehow, they do.

            Soon their owner comes back and says, “What are my cats and dogs doing in here?  Why did they stick this key in my clothing drawer and lock it?   Why did they spill this whole shelf of paint?”

            The dog, Skip, said “Aaaaah!!  A ghost!!  I’m very scared!!”

            “It’s OK, it’s just a mirror,” says Scamp.  “Let’s skip to bed and get ready to sleep.”

            And then their owner throws three balls on them while they’re asleep.   Then they find their way out when they’re done.