Pokemon’s First Movie – Zeb’s Version


Zeb Goertzel

March 27, 2000



Chapter 1


            Once there was a Pokemon trainer named Ass Ketchup.   And he was challenging Brock.  And then he beat Brock.

            But then he got lost trying to find Misty, in the caves.  And then soon, it started to break down.  He used his escape rope to get back to Oak.  And Oak said, “Were you in the cave?”

            And Ass said, “No.  I just beat Brock,” and he was lying.  So he went back out and he finally found Misty. 

And then, first he had to challenge Swimmer. 

He said, “Go Squirtle!” 

And Swimmer said, “Go, Magikarp!”

Ass said, “Bubble Beam!”

Swimmer said, “Peck!”

And then, pretty soon, Ass beat Swimmer’s Pokemon. 

And then Swimmer sent out Gyrodose, and then Swimmer soon beat his Squirtle so Ass said, “Now, do you want to play rough?”

So Ass said, “Go, Blastoise!”  And he said, “Blastoise, surf!”

And Blastoise surfed on Gyrodose.  And Gyrodose used “Bite” again.  But Swimmer beat his two Pokemon so Ass went to the Pokemon Center and healed his Pokemon.

And then he went back and Swimmer said, “Want to try beating my Gyrodose again?”

And Ass said, “No, I’m just going to skip you guys and go to Misty.”   He went back to Misty.

And Misty said, “Did you challenge Brock?” 

And Ass said, “Yes”

Misty said, “OK.  Then start challenging me.”

Misty said, “Go, Staryu!”  And she said, “Staryu, cut!”

And then Ass said, “Go, Blastoise!”  And he said, “Blastoise, hydropump!”

And it was a one hit KO.   He beat Staryu.

So Misty said, “Go, Starmie!” 

And Ass said “Blastoise, surf!”

And Ass beat Misty.  Ass went out of the building and went to find LT Surge.  He went on SS Anne and soon he found Gary there, his rival.  And Gary said, “Come on, how did you get here?  I thought you were challenging Brock already.”  And he said, “Let’s fight.  All I caught was a Pidgeotto.”

And Ass said, “I already caught a Blastoise.”

So Gary said, “Just give up challenging.  You’re too good.”

So Ass went on and he went to the Captain and Captain gave him his Bulbosaur a cut. 

            So Ass went out of SS Anne.


Chapter Two

Mewto Challenge