Zeb Goertzel



            Mooro the manatee loved to swim.  Up and down beneath the sea.  And his big mommy likes to get seaweed for him to eat.

            One day the manatees decided to play with the other animals.  So they played and played all over the sea.  One of the fish kissed one of them.  So the manatee said "Eeew!  Eeeuw!" 

            So they went out, up, out of the water.  And they found all different kinds of animals out there.  And they were afraid of the seagulls eating them. 

            And then a boat came by and "Ouch!" he was bleeding from it.  All the fish were sad and crying.  All the crabs were sad and crying.

            And the people said, "Oh no, what's that??!"  They said, "maybe it's a seahorse."

            Then they said, "Maybe it's a turtle."

            "What could it be?" they said.

            "It might be a manatee."

            Then the octopus was very sorry because of that.  The octopus brought him there.  And the octopus told him to bring the treasure box home. 

            He did not bring that treasure box home. 

            And he found his mommy and daddy.

            The pufferfish puffed "thanks" to him.