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Fighters Kill Idiots

By Zeb Goertzel

March 1999

Once upon a time there was a big, big hole. The hole was so big that nobody could even fit through it. The hole was actually very big going down, but the part that looks like a hole was little. There whole head could fit down, but no other parts could fit down. If they tried to stick the other parts down, then they would feel a crab bite them.

Once upon a time there was a bad bad war. Just about that hole. That was a very dangerous hole.

The war was so bad that one strong person sent out little Pokemons to kill, and if you killed one Pokemon, you got sent up to big giant Pokemons.

But it was very long till you got up to the big giant ones.

After that war, they were so nice that they decided to start another war. But the other war was just one second.

Chapter 89


Chapter 2


Chapter 2 was a good little boy. But always very curious.

Once George found a box. He was curious about the box. He took a piece of wood out and ate it; he thought it looked like candy. Next day he didnít eat his food. They played jigsaw puzzles. There was one missing piece. The man with the yellow hat called Dr. Baker. They brought him to the doctor. The man with the yellow hat said, "Youíve been to the doctor before, when you got your foot broken."



The boy was actually having a dream! The dream was about Curious George. He really thought that was true still, when he was awake. Then he got up, and for the whole night, the people were fighting their war.

The hole was naughty. The crab lived in the hole. Finally the war ended. And then the crab came and buried the hole and put a dead person in the hole. The kid went to his dad and showed his dad the hole.

His dad said, "There is no hole."

The kid said, "I know. The crab just buried it."

Then the dad said, "Why did you call me?"

"Call me, I want chickens," the kid said.

"Call me, I want chickens," the kid said again.

The kid said it again.

Dad said, "well, you want chickens. The only way we can get one is to kill one."

The boy said, "But if we kill one, Iíll have to kill you."

Dad said, "But you will die if you try to kill me."

So the boy said, "Well, we wonít kill you then."

With all that, they got in lots of trouble.

They actually did kill each other.

None of them stayed alive.

They both died.

The boy almost survived.

The dad was dead.

The mother came back. She saw what had killed them both, so she went back to the boyís grandmaís house.

Her grandma said "Oh, you wanted to stay again?"

The mother said, "No. The boyís dad and the boy died so we are living here."

All thatís left is the mom and the two mice. They let the two mice live in a mousehole, which had lots of cheese in one room.

The end.