Zeb Goertzel

January 25, 2001






Chapter 1: Weird Weirdos                                           

Chapter 2: Farty dick                                                   

Chapter 3:  The run

Chapter 4:  Freak Wars

Chapter 5: The Final Battle




Chapter 1

Weird Weirdos


One day Zeb went to the computer, and typed in “ezone.com.”    And it brought him to a place on the computer and it took up the whole screen with just pink, and in the pink there was writing.  And the writing said, over and over again, “click click click.” 


So Zeb clicked where the mouse was on the screen.   And then suddenly, he was sucked into the computer.  And once Zeb was sucked into the computer, he found that he was at ezone.com right next to Lenny LooseJocks.


Zeb went outside of the building he was in, and sat down to start thinking.  Meanwhile it was lunchtime and Ben, Gwen, Zar, Zade and Zade’s imaginary friend started looking through the house for Zeb.  And they checked everywhere in the whole house for Zeb. 


And then in a few weeks, Zeb got up and stopped thinking.  He found Lenny LooseJocks very easily. 


And he said, “Hey Lenny.  How come you’re not fat?  I thought you were Fat Lenny.  Because, out of this world, we have a house, and we have a tape called Fat Lenny.  How come you’re not fat?”


Meanwhile, Zar was tired of alfy.com, because for the last 44 weeks, each time after lunch, he had played on alfy.com.   So he went to ezone.com.   And he got in the same trouble as Zeb did.


Once Zar saw Zeb, Zar said “Zeb, that was really strange!!  You should have seen it!!  Anyway, how did you get here?”


And Zeb said, “I went to ezone.com, and it was so strange.”


Zar said, “That means we both got here the same way!”


And Zeb and Zar met Mister Macaroni.  (Even though his real name wasn’t Mister Macaroni, it was Mister Mick Rooney.)


Lenny said, “Let’s go through this hole!”  


They went through a hole that Lenny saw, and suddenly, they were brought to a different game that was on ezone.com, called Fatboy Raids the Cookie Factory.  And they saw Fatboy.   He was taking cookies from the factory.  And they chased their fastest.  Lenny was the fastest, Zar was the second fastest, Zeb was the slowest.  Finally they caught him.  They brought him to a policeman.  And he was put in jail.  And all the guards and policemen said, “No more cookies for you, Fatboy!!”



Chapter 2

Farty Dick



Fatboy didn’t like it in jail.  But he couldn’t get out!  But he was lucky.  Because Lenny and his friends came, and they got 8 billion bags of cookies for him to eat.  And Fatboy became so big and fat that the whole building he was in broke.  And the policeman died. 


Then, they saw someone saying “The ring!  The ring!  The ring!” 


And Zeb said, “I know a movie with guys who said, ‘The ring!  The ring!’”


Soon Ben brought Zade to ezone.com, and Zade was sucked in.  And Ben noticed that.  Ben went in after them. 


But Gwen was alone.  Once Gwen noticed that, she thought back.  She hadn’t seen anyone since the time when they said they were going to go to ezone.com.   She thought that maybe there was something that has to do with ezone.com.  So she went to ezone.com and got sucked in.  And it seemed that they were all at the same place.


And they went skydiving.  And they had to take their clothes off when their parachute came off, to use their clothes as parachutes.  And they landed in the well-dressed granny party.  And the well-dressed grannies were very angry.  They got out their weapons to chop heads off. 


And then Zeb said, “Wait a minute!  I forgot to tell you, but I did find a gun.  A machine gun.”   And Zeb killed all the well-dressed grannies.


And then the SuperGranny came.  And Zade and Zeb and Zar and Gwen were killed.  And Ben cried, and died, because he cried so much. 


And then Lenny was so mad, that he died. 



Chapter 3