You Must Escape Mewto

Zeb Goertzel

October 20, 1999



          There once was a very big Pokemon in a zoo, and it was one of the best Pokemons.  Its name was Mewto.  And it defeated all the people in the zoo.  They even sent out Charizards and Venusaurs and they sent out Blastoises too. 

          So, one survived.  That one was very smart.  It was only just a baby.  And you know what it did?  It decided to go to England.  And it did.  But in England it didn't know the language they spoke.  So he tried to learn.  He did.  Then he found a momma.  And it was his real mom.  He thought his mom died.  So, he listened to his mom. 

          And what did his mom say?  His mom said, "What are you doing?"

          And he said back, "How are you?"



Chapter 2

Escape, Mewto


          And then the Mewto found England.  It kept finding more and more places that it destroyed the whole earth.  And completely all the people blasted off to Mars.  And then they did not survive there.  So the dinosaurs still lived there.  And the dinosaurs ate them.  Then the dinosaurs got a bellyache.  They went home in their bed.  And they did not feel good.  The only one which didn't get a bellyache ate the rest of them. 

          The end.