Dogs and Rats


Zade Goertzel

December 6, 2000



The dogs played in grass.  They peed in the grass.  They pooped and peed in the grass.


They played dog games.  They ran.  They chased each other.  They bounced on the trampoline.  And then found rats.  Nice rats. 


The nice rats said “Can I play on the computer?”


The dogs said “No, because I’m tired and it’s bedtime.”


The rats said “Please can I!”


The dog said “No.  It’s a naptime.  You have to go to sleep.”


The rats said, “Really, please, can I.”  Again he said it, and again and again and again.  And again, and again and again and again.


And then they all fell asleep, the rats and the dogs.


The Teddy bear played with blocks and then the Teddy Bear goed to sleep.  And that’s the end.


And this is how you say Teddy Bear in Panet: “Panet.”









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