Zade Goertzel

October 6, 2000



Once upon a time there was three dogs, climbing out they window and not bumping their heads.


They were the mommy and daddy one.  That’s why they didn’t bump their heads when they climbed out the window.  Many many years they didn’t die and they didn’t get fed to monsters. 


They played and played and played and played and played.


The monsters liked them and kissed them and hugged them and snuggled them.


The monsters went to Mickey Mouse and said “I want to live with you.”


But Mickey Mouse said, “I don’t want to live with you.  I want to live with my other friends.”


And then the monsters said “OK we’ll go away Mickey Mouse.”


Mickey Mouse said “OK.  I’ll go back sadly to my friends.”


Mickey Mouse went back to his friends. 


And then the dogs and the monsters and Mickey Mouse went to a cave.


And that’s all of it.