By Zade Goertzel

September 27, 2000



Once ten bunnies climbed on a window, and it was easy.


But they all had to get on ten sides, because there were ten bunnies.


But one was stuck on the ground in sticky stuff.  The girl one was.  The girl one had a pink bow in its hair, and the girl one was stuck in it.  And the boy one picked it out.  And then anyone wasn’t stuck in it. 


And they climbed on the top of the windows.  It was very tiny but not too tiny.


Then they climbed on a phone.  Except one tried to talk on it, but it was a very toy one.


The bunnies met some turtles.  They didn’t say anything.  They just were scared of the turtles.  It was dark night time, that’s why it looked scary and black like monster.


The turtle was singing a nicer song than a bad guy song.  Like a fairy one.  “Fairy one – it’s a night bright, nice light, fairy” – like that.  Then the bunnies were happy.  And they were laughing.  About that cutie song.