Some journalistic bits I have written,

mostly for the German newspaper FAZ

       July 2001, In Search of the Universal Equation: String Theory, Subatomic Computing, and Other Bold Attempts to Form a Unified Picture of the Submicroscopic World of which our Universe is but a Shadow, FAZ

       July 2001, AI, Hollywood Style: An AI Researcher's Reaction to Spielberg's Film "A.I. -- Artificial Intelligence", FAZ

       December 2001, The Quest for Pharmacological Immortality, FAZ

       December 2001, Technological Innovation and Venture Funding in post-bin-Laden America, FAZ

       March 2002, Nanotechnology Gets Real, FAZ

       March 2002, Computing, Quantum Style, FAZ

       March 2002, The Cyborgization of Humanity, FAZ

       March 2002, Cryonics Comes of Age, FAZ

       March 2002, Liberating Minds from Brains, FAZ